Performance and leadership of J. K. Jain had been appreciated and found outstanding by foreign principals of Pro Lab Marketing, some of whom complimented as under:

“For 30 years, Toronto Research Chemicals has not relied on the use of distributors, because of our strong product line, production capabilities and quality of product. Pro Lab is one of a select few companies we have approached in India to represent us, because of your strengths in marketing and sales”
---- Toronto Research Chemicals (Canada) to us

Pro Lab Marketing is an efficient and reliable supplier of top quality imported Assay kits and Biochemicals for Life Science Research and food analysis in India. Quality products, excellent customer service and efficient handling have made Pro Lab Marketing one of the most reliable and well known distributors among Indian researchers.
---- Megazyme Newsletter comments about Pro Lab

"I would like to inform you that we have an outstanding distributor in India who will be glad to meet all your products needs."
---- Biovision (USA) to a customer

"Pro Lab Marketing is one of our best distributors."
---- Polysciences (USA) to a customer

"We have an excellent distributor in your area, Pro Lab Marketing, who will fulfill your order. I have forwarded this email to them and should reply to you soon. If you would like to contact them directly."
---- Zymo Research (USA) to a customer

"Find our excellent Indian distributor's contact information. They will be happy to process your inquiry to meet your needs."
---- Cosmo Bio Co. (Japan) to a customer

"This is wonderful news! We are very pleased and excited that you have dedicated your time and efforts toward promoting Cayman products and have achieved such success. I will happily share this information with my colleagues and discuss any possible reward we can offer."
---- Cayman Chemical (USA) to us

"Although you have placed orders with us directly in the past, please place future orders for Cayman Chemical products through our local distributor whose contact information is listed below. Pro Lab Marketing is a most responsive distributor who will provide you with excellent service."
---- Cayman Chemical (USA) to us

"We have a distributor in your area that can assist you with your ordering needs. They provide excellent service, support and delivery time."
---- Biovision (USA) to a customer

We value your partnership so very much and are happy to have such a representative as you presenting our products.
---- Biovision (USA) to us

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